Our Cattle

The beautiful Ruby Red Devon is a breed “for all seasons and for all reasons”. As a cattle farmer you will appreciate the temperament (their docility is renowned), the fertility, the ease of calving, the doting mothering, and the amazing do-ability of the breed in any conditions.

As a consumer, you just can’t go past the tenderness and flavour of a naturally grass-fed Devon.

Our Devons live in coastal conditions and while that can be great from a rainfall and green pasture point of view, the land is not as productive as the high-in-minerals soils of the west. Nevertheless this wonderful breed does just as well in whatever conditions you throw at it. Devons will forage on any type of land, be it hilly or flat, which makes them ideally suited to all conditions.

Ashwood Devons is a member of Devon Cattle Breeders Society of Australia and the Coastal Devons Breeders’ Group and is an industry participant in the Devon Group Breedplan.


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